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The Cuckoos Have Puppets and Play Them to Death

During my brother's time in Leningrad,  known today as St Petersburg, it was common to hear the tale of 6 million Jews being persecuted by the Bolsheviks.

My good friend Ludwig Landmann, the first Jewish mayor of Frankfurt, often shared with me how he found these figures of persecution of his Jewish brethren to be so glibly exaggerated and proclaimed. Of course as any true Jew will attest the figures, this propaganda has had its roots in the offensive cause of the Zionist movement, with the explicit intent to portray the Jewish people as the most despised, hated and persecuted in history. 

Like many other cultures Jews have had their fair share of persecution. That cannot be denied. Yet as long as ill informed, propagandized people believe their leaders' imprecations that 'It's the others that are the problem, the scourge, the anti-Semites', the myths built around and to support the Zionist machinations will continue.

I myself, when working with the New York Tim…

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